Yoni Massage

What Is It?

For those who never practiced yoga or tantric sex and don’t know the meaning of “namaste”, we must explain that a yoni is a Sanskrit term for a woman’s vulva/vagina loosely translated as “a sacred space”. Consequently, in Tantra philosophy and its concept of sacred sexuality, giving a yoni massage is a way of worshipping and honoring a woman, relieving her of all mental and physical tension, and finally, making her feel loved, cherished and cared for.
yoni massage What Is It
So basically a yoni massage means:

  • Awakening of female sexuality and sensuality through spiritual Tantra techniques
  • A way of embracing a new erotic experience based on utmost devotion, love and trust
  • Going through all sorts of new feelings and sensations
  • Being stimulated to new heights of pleasure and blissful ecstasy
  • Developing a stronger feel of bonding and connectivity for those who are in a relationship
  • Coming to terms with oneself for those who are still single

It can be a truly amazing, highly pleasurable, liberating and healing experience.

What Is It For?

A woman’s yoni is a generator of potent sexual energy. When you initiate a yoni massage, this orgasmic energy starts circulating throughout her frame, bringing ultimate pleasure and transforming her mind, body and soul.
yoni massage What Is It For
So what is the fuss all about? Here are just a few points why you should give it a try:

  • It helps to get rid of the fear of intimate touch, improve trust, and develop much stronger sex drive
  • Starting to use this erotic practice, some women may achieve their first ever orgasm
  • Mastering an advanced technique of Edging enhances sensations and leads to multiple orgasms
  • Recent surveys report an almost 50% increase in the intensity of climax
  • It removes all emotional blocks and heals deep painful traumas letting a woman rise like Phoenix from its ashes

However, the ultimate goal of the yoni massage is for a woman to feel more comfortable in her own body and become more in tune with her sexual self.

Yoni Massage: How To Do It Right?

To prepare your mind and body for the yoni massage, set a relaxing accommodating atmosphere:

  • Make sure the place is warm enough, but not stuffy
  • Dim the lighting to create the right mood
  • Use some scented candles to awaken your senses
  • Let some soft soothing music play in the background
  • Ensure complete privacy, so you won’t get interrupted in the process

yoni massage How To Do It Right
Now it’s time to start breathing and get ready to savor this amazing erotic treatment. And here are some useful tips:

  • Always have your massage oil warm and handy
  • Find a comfortable position, so a receiving party can relax and enjoy herself
  • Start with some sensual warm up of the whole body before moving to the vaginal area
  • Try a variety of touch techniques like cupping, circling, pushing & pulling, tugging & rolling, etc
  • Alternate the speed, pressure and intensity of your strokes
  • Stimulate a sacred spot (G-spot) to further enhance her pleasure level

yoni massage touch technique
Remember that an orgasm is just a pleasant and often welcome side-effect, but not a primary aim of the practice.

The Benefits of Yoni Massage

A yoni massage can be a truly unique experience for any woman. It awakens her feelings, makes her aware of all the subtle never-acknowledged before sensations, and opens the door into the world of powerful female sensuality. So the list of benefits can be long enough, but let’s just name a few of them:

  • Release of potent sexual energy
  • Great therapeutic effects
  • More intense and frequent orgasms
  • Complete sexual transformation
  • Better relationships and more satisfying love life
  • Full connection with one’s inner and outer self, conscious and un-conscious.

In other words, it is like seeing the world in full bright color with millions of shades for the very first time in one’s life instead of being limited to black-and-white vision.

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