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An erotic massage has a long history in both Eastern and Western cultures. While about a Tantric massage stemmed from Eastern spiritual traditions and philosophy we could talk for hours on end, it would be curious to know that even many centuries ago, when everything sexual or erotic was considered a taboo in the West, the so-called ‘female hysteria’, a chronic women’s disease of those days, was treated with an erotic massage. The purpose of such therapeutic treatment was to bring a female patient to an orgasm or rather to a ‘hysterical paroxysm’ as they would call it back then. Later the physicians would acknowledge that such female disorder might originate from the constant sexual dissatisfaction, however, they still would deny that there was anything sexual in the treatment they used. Nevertheless it seems such ‘treatment’ was becoming very popular with women even then.

Nowadays when hardly anything is a taboo when it comes to sexual foreplay, techniques and gratification, an erotic massage is still not that a widely popular practice full of mysteries, prejudices and ambiguousness, and may have varying interpretations. Peter Hegre offers its very own interpretation of the erotic or sensual massage too. Whether it’s a full-body massage or a genital massage it seems that the focus is made on worshipping the beauty of female or male bodies and showing their delightful response to expert massaging techniques as something very natural and almost sacred. Often it is not a sexual release that is a focal point of the erotic massage, but the awakening of sensitivity, the stimulating of the libido, the ultimate relaxation and the achievement of harmony with one’s body and inner self.

Even the settings of massage sessions vary very much from the episode to the episode. It may be a comfortable hotel room where the specially trained staff is ready to cater for your most intimate needs. Sometimes it is a dim candle-lit and filled with pleasant relaxing fragrances room of a masseuse where all the arousing body manipulations are going to happen and other times it may be some exotic outdoor location on one of the tropical islands beneath the blue skies, among gently rustling in the warm breeze palm trees and with birdsongs heard in the background. Occasionally the camera will focus just on the hands of a masseuse that caress and make love to the receiving person’s body, other times the masseuse will be topless or totally naked to enhance the sensations or use her body as an instrument for a body-to-body massage too. Whatever it is, you will crave to be the one who feels the loving touch of those skilled hands (and other body parts too), enjoys those languid soothing strokes releasing all the tensions of the day and leading to the realm of sheer pleasure and relaxation.

There is a wealth of tenderness in the erotic massage when two people use it as sensual foreplay especially when a couple is truly in love e.g. watch erotic massage video here or here Such a sensual experience may be very exciting and satisfying as it is. Just imagine gentle oily fingers stroking every inch of your body including your neck, back, chest, legs and more intimate body parts, making you very sensitive to every lingering and tender touch while you absorb these highly pleasant sensations getting ready to fondle, caress and give heavenly pleasure in return until you both feel like in the seventh heaven.

Sometimes it is good to be not just a passive (though tremendously excited and well pleasured) receiver but to get a response from your masseuse too, leading to very sensual and maybe even passionate interaction. It brings the erotic massage to the whole new level. In this case it is not just the giver and the receiver who are involved in the sensual massage action, but a very responsive teacher and a very eager pupil, ready to be pleased and to please in return.

Whatever it is that makes you want to try the erotic massage, it will be a delicious experience all the way. Here you will understand the beauty of such body worshipping, learn to appreciate both its sexual and aesthetic sides and see the bodily response to this sensual tease as something totally natural and unembarrassing. Besides in the hustle and bustle of our busy century the erotic massage may be simply an instrument of your well-being helping you to release the tension and relax at last. So why not take a break and let someone pamper, spoil and pleasure you until you feel like on cloud nine? JOIN TODAY

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  1. The only title that show good technique is “Indian Lingam Worship Massage”
    This defining work should be learned by all masseuse.
    Then all penis massage title should be reshot.
    Thanks for releasing on good Lingam massage guides.

  2. Erotic Massage is a means through which two people in an intimate relationship touch and stimulate each other, communicate love and tenderness too. It is through the stimulation and stroking of the skin that sexually sensitive nerve receptors throughout the body are set alight.

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