Step by Step Erotic Massage Guide

How to give a series of multiple orgasms to your lady

Learn how to sexually stimulate your lady with all sorts of erotic massage strokes and techniques. Follow these step-by-step recommendations and you will take your woman on a fascinating erotic journey. A chain of multiple orgasms will be a delightful by-effect of your sensual explorations. Attend to her needs touching her with utmost love and respect. Initiation of such an erotic massage will bring immense pleasure to all participants. Have a good time!

Step One – Pose and Attention to Sensitive Areas

step one
It can be a real turn-on for a woman to get a massage from behind.
Her lower back and backside part are full of sensitive spots, so make sure to take your time while you stroke those very erogenous zones of hers.

Step Two – Oil up and Start of Massage

step two
Oil up the whole of her body, including her inner thigh and genital area. Let your stroking make her burn with anticipation.
Massage her limbs from the inside out.

Step Three – Discover Her Vagina With Curiosity and a Gentle Touch

step three
Approach her vaginal area with a lot of care, make sure it is well lubed.
Explore her vagina with curiosity and a tender touch.
Run your hand up and down over her vulva and grip her lips between two of your fingers.

Step Four – Work Around Her Clitoris With Your Fingers

step four
Start stimulating her vagina just from the outside avoiding penetration.
Use your fingers to work around the clitoris before putting some pressure on the outer lips.
As her arousal deepens, her breathing will start to quicken.

Step Five – Reading Her Body Language

step five
Note the subtle signs of your woman’s body beginning to heat up.
As you learn to read her body language, you will know better how to pleasure her.
Pay attention to her other body parts touching them as well during the vaginal massage, so you will spread the sexual energy and achieve a deeper feel of connectivity.

Step Six – Focus On Her Clitoris Use Faster and Rhythmic Strokes

step six
A telltale sign of her arousal is goosebumps all over her body, it will signal you about her readiness for more.
Now make her clitoris your focal point using faster rhythmic strokes.
You will understand that she’s really enjoying what you’re doing as her hips start moving and her neck tilts back while she drifts on the waves of pleasure.
To bring even more excitement, keep one of your fingers on her clit and work it even faster than before.
Meanwhile use your other hand to stroke her vulva and pubis.

Step Seven – Keep teasing her until she cannot hold back

step seven
Use your thumb to massage the vaginal opening letting the rest of your fingers touch on her clitoris and other extremely sensitive spots of her genital area.
Keep teasing her until she cannot hold back.

Step Eight – Simultaneously Massage The Breasts and The Genital Area

step eight
Get her prepped for the next sensual round, and this time massage your lady as she’s laying on her back.
Spread warm oil all over her body relieving the strain from her shoulders and neck.
Try to massage her breasts and vaginal area simultaneously; start circling her nipples and clit synchronizing your stroking.
Now you can keep massaging your woman using only one hand, while reaching out with the other one and touching her breasts.

Step Nine – Keep Massaging

Increase your pace and rub her clitoris with upward moves letting your second hand stimulate other parts of this sensitive area.
Use the flat of your thumb to stimulate the clit and simultaneously massage her internal area with your middle finger.
See how her body reacts to the touch and keep going until she cannot contain herself any more.

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