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In old times an orgasm was mostly a man’s privilege, but now women are considered equal in their pursuit of pleasure. Gradually yet inevitably all the taboos and prejudices that were restricting or simply denying female sexuality are vanishing and still more women are getting more comfortable with their bodily needs embracing the idea of ‘happy endings’ as something quite natural and desirable too. From this point of view a pussy massage seems the ultimate pleasure a woman can receive when the expert hands of a masseuse or masseur bring her to the highest peak of sensual delights, to the climax she has been craving for. Such experience can be unbelievably arousing and incredibly erotic.

Such an erotic massage for women can be a somewhat unusual experience too because a woman does not have to think about her partner’s satisfaction, instead she can fully concentrate on her own sensations and her very own pleasure. Nobody will be hurrying her to the climax and it will take as much time as the receiving woman will need to completely relax and finally reach her big O. Though this may not even be the main purpose of the masterful erotic massage she is receiving, as the process itself will be extremely pleasant all the way even without the final release. You can tell that they are really having a good time while the hands of their masseuse or masseur keep soothingly sliding up and down their stark naked bodies and then focus on the down there region bringing them to such arousal that they can hardly contain themselves. The models obviously enjoy every second of these erotic massage sessions.

However, most of female models do reach their thrill-and-chill moment in the end and it is worth watching because these orgasms are not faked, this is 100% real sheer ecstasy that the pleasured nudes feel. They are not posing on cam, the camera just captures the moment when they lose control over their body and let the pleasant sensations come in waves upon them. You will see the girls eagerly welcome this little death after each more sensual and intimate massage session. After all women love massages and love receiving orgasms, so when the two are combined, it is a moment of sheer bliss!

Well-trained masseuses know exactly how to give pleasure with their gently oily touches and lingering strokes. Their expert fingers reach the most intimate parts of a female body slowly releasing all the tension and making arousal mount high up to an explosive climax or even several orgasmic releases at a time. Not all the models in the video episodes are loud-screamers, but you can tell they do reach the top of the hill by their heavier and quicker breathing, their swollen pussy lips and sometimes by the gooey evidence appearing in between their legs. Most of the women will not bring themselves to demand the massage of their most erogenous zones, like their breasts or pussy, ready to content themselves with a sensitive full-body massage, yet when they feel those gentle yet insistent fingers inside their sanctum sanctorum they just cannot hold back. Their response grows stronger and finally they let those skilled hands and fingers bring them to the point of no return.

You will see mostly female masseuses, maybe it is because they are good to look at or maybe because they know better how to relax and bring the utmost pleasure to other females. Every woman knows for sure what gets her going, where and how you have to touch, stroke and caress her to make little electric waves of arousal go through all her body and right to her loins. While most of the male masseurs may find it hard to please the woman they do not know, female masseuses will do everything right because they can sense the needs of another female even without being told what to do. They will know it on the subconscious level, and as you will see inside, they always hit home!

Even in our open-minded era full of casual sex encounters and virtual sex, an erotic massage for women still remains not that a wide-spread practice. Quite often women would avoid point-black asking for this ‘extra’ service feeling too embarrassed to do so. Any woman will need the right settings, mood and chemistry between the giving and the receiving party to go all the way. That is why massage videos and namely pussy massage episodes will be such a unique experience. You will hardly find something like this anywhere else. Why, while watching those authentic top quality erotic massage movies, you will be able to learn some massage techniques to try later with your female partner. But whether you are going to try it yourself or not, the viewing will be immensely pleasant, what with all those beautiful and very responsive models and the gurus of sensual body and pussy massage!

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    • Even in our open-minded era full of casual sex encounters and virtual sex, an erotic massage for women still remains not that a wide-spread practice. But whether you are going to try it yourself or not, the viewing will be immensely pleasant, what with all those beautiful and very responsive models and the gurus of sensual body and pussy massage!

      • What you say is so true. I was a professional for over fifteen years, I am a male and almost all of my clients were women. In that time I only had five or six women who were who free enough to receive erotic massage. Two reluctant women were in long term touch less marriages and after a year allowed me to introduce them to erotic massage. They remained married, as was I, and I retired.

    • I am going to give erotic Swedish style naked massages to my new beautiful slim, shapely sexy bride who is in her thirties and I am in my late seventies. We will both be naked. We met online and our first date will be this naked massage. I want to bring my beautiful bride to be, to a major climax and cosmic orgasm!

  1. I am a massage therapist and am so glad that I discovered the hegre-art videos. In a culture where erotic massage is often viewed as something sleazy or shady, and unfortunately done under those conditions in many cases, it’s refreshing to see such sincere and tasteful presentations.

    I appreciate the acknowledgement of female pleasure. You rightfully state fhat erotic massage and orgasm have long been considered a male privilege. In my opinion it’s still largely viewed that way. Even erotica for women or that focuses on female pleasure is either non-existant or very difficult to find, including in the realm of erotic massage, and even then it’s mainly female to female. While I can appreciate that women are inntately attuned to the needs of women, not all women are comfortable watching female to female massage or erotica. Men need to be a part of this. There’s no shortage of penis massage by women videos or men being pleasured by women in general. This is terribly frustrating and unfair to women and men as well. Many women don’t know how to ask men for what tbey want and men are just as confused. This must change and hegre-art is helping to do just that, altbough more male to female massage is definitely in order. Women also like looking at attractive men and fit male bodies.

    Thanks so much.

    • I have done so many traditional massages and see females walk away somewhat satisfied. Would really like to come to a point to help females go all the way.

  2. Just to add to my comment; if females have no trouble pleasing a man that they don’t know, why sound males have trouble pleasing females that they don’t know? Men may be “easier” because of the whole lingham thing, but that doesn’t mean that a woman would automatically know her way around it. And yet “penis worship” massages are abundant, but “pussy worship” massages are barely existent. Please do something to right this imbalance.

    Incidentally, wouldn’t males know better about what feels good to a man? Where are the male to male massage videos?

  3. I would love a massage I’m married i would love for my husband to watch us he loves that just want to full fill his fantasy were in temecula area are you local

  4. I enjoy a nice massage and I also enjoy giving massages to females. It is easy for a man like me to get a massage and a happy ending but it is very difficult for a female to obtain the same thing. Why should’nt women have the same as men especially as we are supposed to live in a world of equality. Sex and orgasm seem to be taboo subjects and no one seems to talk about it. We discuss the weather, shopping and a multitude of other subjects but sex and orgasm never but every day every hour there are people engaging in some sexual activity. I am confused.

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