Tantric Orgasm Control Massage Practice

What is edging? It’s a sexual technique allowing one to remain in a build-up phase of climax for a long time. What’s the point of it? Firstly your unselfishness makes you a better lover. Secondly it actually prolongs and intensifies your pleasure. Why? Because it’s not an orgasm but the near orgasm state that drives you insane. Surely your arousal will demand a release, but it won’t last long. Your orgasm is a euphoric but sadly fleeting moment, while edging can prolong your ecstasy for a much longer time. Such orgasm control practice makes the final outcome much more pleasurable and intense, and on learning it, a couple will be reaching the final stage together.

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Painful Delights of SM Cock Massage

Hegre keeps urging you to get to know more about your inner sexual being. He stimulates you to explore the limits and push the boundaries in search of the ultimate sexual satisfaction. It is a scientific fact that the same areas are responsible for pain and pleasure in our brain. They get engaged when you eat, get high or make love. To test the theory, we had a male model tied to a chair to undergo some pretty painful treatment in this SM-like massage film. But was it a pleasurable experience for him at the same time? It seems so…